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Tag-you're it! 13 questions~
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13 Facts About Me (Thank you for the tags :D)

1. My surname is 'Blood'.
2. I'm about to study for a medical degree to become a doctor (after five years at uni XD)
3. I love all animals-they are the cutest!
4. My favourite colour is green (and I'm an Eco nerd)
5. I am a couch potato and do hardly any exercise (I hope to change that soon though...:') )
6. I used to love geography but came out of A-Level absolutely hating it XD
7. I had six cats at one point (my clothes were covered in cat hair XD)
8. I LOVE the Professor Layton fandom, swiftly followed by Danganronpa and Inazuma 11
9. I am single and will probably not get a bf for a looooong time~
10. My favourite sound is running water
11. I have tonnes of story ideas in my he
:iconabita4teco:Abita4tEco 2 11
100 pieces of fan art??
Honestly, when I created that folder, it was in hopes that it would one day be as full as some of my friends'. I didn't think it'd actually happen, though. But here we are, and it's got 100 pieces from a bunch of different artists!
This is so cool, guys. I remember the first piece of fan art I ever got, and it was from a friend of mine for a RotG fan fiction. I hope the kind of excitement I felt that day never dulls. Anyway, I went through and picked out what I'm FAIRLY certain is everyone who has contributed to that collection, and I wanted to thank every one of you personally. Even if it was just as a commission for someone else, it's still awesome and I want to thank you. So here goes:
distressed-mess (huge thanks to the whole squad!!)
:iconsushi4427:sushi4427 5 59


Momagie's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist
Heterogeneous daydreamer.

Just a shy girl who like drawing, karate, Harry Potter, geek things, video games, horror movies, travelling, photography ... among other things ^^

I'm actually doing one drawing per day during one year. Don't hesitate to check my improvement.

I also would like to thank you all of you who are faving my drawings. It means a lot to me and helps me wanting to keep going and get better in my art.

Icon pixel made by
At first, I thought I'd never see the end. Doing a drawing was taking too much time.
But I had ideas, themes I wanted to illustrate. Some didn't see the light because, with time, I didn't like them anymore or wasn't inspired.
Now that I finished, I'm telling myself that it was easy. I did it. I did one drawing per day during one year. There's a lot of professionals who do that. And, with willpower, I could do even better. Like do not catch up two or three days late in one day.
Of course, I had moments of doubts, tiredness, frustration when a drawing I was proud of or was really important to me didn't receive any reactions. Or on the contrary when a drawing done really quickly and without any originality, was receiving a lot of compliments. Some reactions affected me and for some drawings I didn't see the purpose of doing a detailed description.
I finally convinced myself that I was doing it for me and not for the others. If I decided to share them it was to motivate me to do them.
It was a personal challenge that allowed me to progress. I'm drawing faster, better. I changed my way to use watercolor. Artistically I blossomed and I'll do it again with pleasure in order to progress again.
This year had been also fulfilling privately. A baby on the way, a wedding, decisions to make. I'm glad this year of challenge is over. I couldn't be everywhere at the same time.
From now on, I'd like to try to draw a little every days. Without the obligation of finishing a drawing on a precise date. Juste for having fun et improving.
And as I said before, I'll do daily challenges again. That's something I like. And I hope other people like it too.
See you soon.

Untitled by Momagie

All the drawings can be seen here:…


My new phone wallpaper. Just thought about sharing it with Potterfans ^^

embedded_item1498148458358 by Momagie
Old woman mumbling: "They're getting pregnant more and more younger."
Me : "Because how old do you think I am?"
Old woman says nothing like "Oops she heard me."
I don't consider myself as too young and even if I were it's none of her business. She was lucky I was in a good mood.
If I were a fish/sea creature, what would I be? Do you have any idea(s)? Why?
I have no words so I share those :

embedded_item1495551130783 by Momagie


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MaxStraw Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Professional Writer
You should totally check out 

It's like attending Hogwarts but idk through roleplaying and such. My sister DragonSlayerTez knows more about it if you wanna ask questions first xD
Momagie Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Hobbyist
Oh my! But I won't have anymore social life if I look at that xD I'll check it.

Oh and, silly thing, but I just bought a Harry Potter notebook to use as a bullet journal :love:
MaxStraw Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Professional Writer
oh come on. It's only 11 weeks for one year and a few actual homework assignments and exams XD

and whoa such coincidence :D Potterheads for life amirite? ;)
Momagie Featured By Owner May 31, 2017  Hobbyist
Homeworks and exams !! :nuu:

You're right ;) here is my treasure :…
(1 Reply)
sushi4427 Featured By Owner May 26, 2017  Student General Artist
Oh crap dude so you know when you look at something and suddenly you remember a dream you had 
So like that just happened to me and I remembered you were in that dream
Basically you drew Cassidy as a Paladin again but unintentionally made him look like Sigurd from FE4 and I freaked out haha
I like to tell people when I dream about them so just thought I'd share
Momagie Featured By Owner May 29, 2017  Hobbyist
Ooooooh he'd look so handsome xD
Did you play too much to dream about a FE character? ^^
Thanks for sharing. It's always funny to know things like that
sushi4427 Featured By Owner May 29, 2017  Student General Artist
Sigurd is like a seventeen out of ten so yeah Cassidy looked good
Dude omg I've been essentially living and breathing FE4 recently, I can't play it because I'd need an emulator but I've been working on a fan game for it since I got RPG Maker
Driiks Featured By Owner May 12, 2017
Salut Momagie, amie française!

Si tu aime la lecture, les livres, l'évasion, l' t'invite à visiter le site…

sur lequel je commente les livres que je lis et tu es libre de commenter à ton tour ce que tu veux ou faire partager tes propres lectures.

Bonne continuation sur DeviantArt!:book-bounce: 
LifeofaPottedPlant Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch La la la la 
Momagie Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist
You're very welcome. Your art is amazing ^^
(And I love Harry Potter :giggle: )
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